Online Video Presentations

PBA Media offers three types of online video presentations each with their own unique set of features. A description and demo of each is available below to help you decide which one is right for your project.

Video Presentation - Option 1

This presentation is a full branded video web page that features a customizable menu that can link to various resources you provide, such as PowerPoint files, course evaluation forms, agendas, etc.

Click here or the image to be taken to a sample page


Video Presentation - Option 2

This video page includes all the features of option 1 but includes an enhanced video player with a chapter list for course navigation. Perfect for long play videos and videos that feature various speakers.

Click here or the image to be taken to a sample page


Video Player Option 3: Player with Synchronized slides

Featuring graphics and other content synchronized to video these interactive presentations can be placed on your web site or loaded from a disc and are perfect for PowerPoint presentations, training videos, and other content driven presentations. Chapters or topics can be incorporated to allow your audience to easily navigate content. Additionally, colors and graphics can be easily modified to match your company’s branding.

For those employees who can’t make that important meeting or big conference this is the perfect solution.

Click here or the image below to view a sample of our online presentation.

Presentation Video Synched Slides